lunch date with myself.

Taking a late lunch here at work...the usual when I get paid on Fridays, I treat myself to the habit. It's so finger lickin' yummy! Sigh. Today's been a pretty relaxing day, not much on my agenda. I hope it's not another lonely boring Friday though...can't stand nights like that, and lately they have been frequent. I have this thirst for something more that's been nagging at the pit of my heart. I'm yearning for more in life, everything has been stale for me. I feel as if my hope is teeter tottering and I can't quite grasp on to what I once was so passionate about. Honestly, I need Jesus. I've ran so far from him and lost myself in the miry pit. I feel so alone at times, and just to be completely bare...I feel forgotten by God. I mean, I know he loves me...and it's me who has drifted....I hate this feeling. Nothing is going...as it should. I need some change to happen. I can't sleep at night due to all these thoughts and feelings haunting me. Toss and turn. I just want some break through. Something.

Please don't forget your child, Lord...don't forget me. I love you.

writing for my own sake.

Not sure why it's such a struggle to do what used to come so naturally to me...I've become a shell of what I used to be! Again, here I am, back where I always start...always searching for some new beginning that my heart is inclined to crave. I guess I'll start one step at a time...it's a start that I'm even here now. Writing is my healing, I've stored all my emotions inside since I've not been able to write out these crazy feelings I have circling around. Ayayay!

Well, here's to another try...:)


styles i'm digging.

Blue + Orange
948. Celebrity Style: Eva Longoria
"Fashion fades, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent


music monday.

I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to start *music monday*, and share songs that have made a cuddle spot in my heart. Or rather, songs that move and stir my insides in some sort of way! Here are a few that have been on repeat:

best friends forever.

I love this girl! She is one of very few whom I can spend hours with and not fall into a bored stupor, or become annoyed with. 20+ years and going strong! We've been through it all, but have managed to stick together like a stamp to a letter. 

We've also become such makeup hoarders. Seriously, it's quite extreme guys!!! But it's so fun, I love our little makeup escapades, and finding all the good deals and coupons at CVS, or going on binges at nordies with MAC, Laura Mercier, or whatever other makeup product that grabs our fancy! Well, I blame it on youtube...just a little bit. LOL. We're constantly watching these beauty videos and start coveting new products that we probably don't even need. Sigh. I don't know...but this is our little thing. It's our time that we spend together...we enjoy it, ya know? Among other things as well! Just...this has become our current obsession. ;)

What do you enjoy doing with your bff?


still alive over here.

Why do we have to become such emotional beings when that time of the month comes along?! It's like we become this raging incredible hulk like beast with no control over our emotions. That also pertains to eating like a beast too, shat. I seriously just want to scream, "WHY God, WHY did ya make me a woman!????", during those 3-4 days of drowning in the crimson sea. Ay dios mio!

Anyways. I thought I'd give it a try and write something around here, considering that I did make a promise to myself that I would get back into the swing of writing to my hearts content. Yeah! So much for that one...but really, it's not like I don't have time, it's just that I'm a lazy stinker, and when I actually do feel like writing, my mind ends up wandering to something else and I completely leave writing on the wayside. Really frannie, leave the excuses for somebody who cares and get with it!

Time for mimis now, but I'll make it a point to write something tomorrow. Gotta make this a habit...:) 



Sweet India. I want to go back and taste you again.
Unforgettable. Memories to last a lifetime...