lunch date with myself.

Taking a late lunch here at work...the usual when I get paid on Fridays, I treat myself to the habit. It's so finger lickin' yummy! Sigh. Today's been a pretty relaxing day, not much on my agenda. I hope it's not another lonely boring Friday though...can't stand nights like that, and lately they have been frequent. I have this thirst for something more that's been nagging at the pit of my heart. I'm yearning for more in life, everything has been stale for me. I feel as if my hope is teeter tottering and I can't quite grasp on to what I once was so passionate about. Honestly, I need Jesus. I've ran so far from him and lost myself in the miry pit. I feel so alone at times, and just to be completely bare...I feel forgotten by God. I mean, I know he loves me...and it's me who has drifted....I hate this feeling. Nothing is going...as it should. I need some change to happen. I can't sleep at night due to all these thoughts and feelings haunting me. Toss and turn. I just want some break through. Something.

Please don't forget your child, Lord...don't forget me. I love you.


  1. Hi friend,
    I am really liking the simplicity of your blog, and I really hope that you keep it up. This can be a promise to yourself to keep up going into 2013.

    I hope that you find your passion soon, and that you can get out of life's little slump. It's only temporary! Remember, we control our destiny. You want it? Go get it! :)

  2. Fran! I didn't know you had a blog. Great to see you on here. I feel the God void at times too, maybe it's his way of getting our attention. Anyway, I hope that feeling has now since passed since you wrote <3