Namaste! I'm Francisca, but usually answer by Frannie-living in California, but my feet are hovering on the edge of fleeing to India (or heck, even dubai, paris, greece!). I'm a free spirit, who longs to connect with the world and spread love and peace wherever I may land. Christ-believer. I love God with my whole heart, and even though I fall short at times, He will forever and always be number ONE! I've come to the conclusion that I am in fact, a scatter brain. My mind is forever racing and thinking of any and everything, but my procrastinating nature (at times) limits me from completely fulfilling and following through with so many ideas. I love babies, children in general, they are my weakness and melt my heart within seconds. I long to go on a mission to visit an orphanage and just love on all those kids who are thirsting for attention! In fact, one day I would hope to open up a place for kids to just BE

I love to read. At this moment though, I've been in a reading slump and haven't been able to get myself out of it. I have a huge bookshelf of books just waiting for my touch. I'll get to ya babies, I'll get to ya...

I love to daydream, I love taking long drives and just fantasizing about all the dreams that are whirl-winding in my heart constantly. My soul is so eclectic, it loves to be stimulated and nourished which is why I become restless at times, it's always reaching for the moon and stars. I'm a romantic fool who adores spending a friday or saturday night watching a chick flick...I mean, do you blame me?

Some days I long to be a writer, some days I dream of being a teacher, some days I ache to be a photographer, some days I fantasize of being a major makeup artist, and some days I crave to be a soul/jazz singer that moves and stirs the soul of people. Can't I just be all? *sigh

This blog is my outlet. Here. There. Everywhere. Scatter brain for sure, see? Stay a while...maybe we can become friends! :)