best friends forever.

I love this girl! She is one of very few whom I can spend hours with and not fall into a bored stupor, or become annoyed with. 20+ years and going strong! We've been through it all, but have managed to stick together like a stamp to a letter. 

We've also become such makeup hoarders. Seriously, it's quite extreme guys!!! But it's so fun, I love our little makeup escapades, and finding all the good deals and coupons at CVS, or going on binges at nordies with MAC, Laura Mercier, or whatever other makeup product that grabs our fancy! Well, I blame it on youtube...just a little bit. LOL. We're constantly watching these beauty videos and start coveting new products that we probably don't even need. Sigh. I don't know...but this is our little thing. It's our time that we spend together...we enjoy it, ya know? Among other things as well! Just...this has become our current obsession. ;)

What do you enjoy doing with your bff?

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